How to Customize the Title and Description for a Facebook Social Sharing Post

ClickDimensions allows users to insert social links into their email templates that will allow their recipients to share the email content on their personal social media pages, such as Facebook.


When you click the social link, a popup will appear containing a link to your content with a predefined title and description and a text area to add your own description. Facebook will determine what data to display for the subject and description of the post by looking for certain metadata parameters in the source HTML, and will determine what data to show itself if you do not specify the metadata values you want. 


ClickDimensions does not automatically include this metadata, but you can easily add it in yourself if you want to define the title and description that will be displayed.

The first step to accomplish this is to open your email template editor. Please note that this will require you to modify the email template HTML <head>, so you will only be able to do this in a Freestyle or Custom HTML template. However, you can save a Block or Drag and Drop template as a Freestyle template by changing the value of the editor type field on the email template record if you want to create the rest of the template using those editors then just swap to Freestyle to modify the social sharing.

At a basic level, your template HTML should have this format:


Where the body contains the actual content of the email, and the head will contain our metadata. To set your Facebook post’s subject and description, add something like the following code between the <head> and </head> tags:

<meta name=”title” content=”Tomato Gardens”>
<meta name=”description” content=”Have some Fun this Fall with Tomato Gardens!”>

The “title” text determines the social post’s title, and the “description” text determines its description.


Including this metadata in your template will allow you to have a greater degree of control over what your recipients share on Facebook. This may result in more of their Facebook friends viewing your content, which could potentially result in new leads or customers for you!

Written by Rhys Saraceni, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager


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