Guest Post: Introducing GREBIT's Location Analytics for ClickDimensions Users

The following blog post was written by Harold Bergeron, CTO at GREBIT Solutions.

GREBIT Solutions has developed a Rapid Start Location Analytics Solution to link Esri Maps with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Location Analytic Solution also utilizes and leverages ClickDimensions marketing automation data collected with web tracking.  We built the map-centric integration points to the Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Cases/Services and ClickDimensions entities.  The solution includes workflows, charts/maps (over 100 to choose from) and dashboards (over 30 to choose from). All can be easily modified to fit specific requirements. The “Rapid Start” is a template of best practice solutions installed and ready to use.

Do you know the profile of who is visiting your website? How will you market to them?

Using the data gathered within ClickDimensions you want to understand first, the people spending the most time on your web site, and second, the characteristics of those people. For example do they live in a wealthy area? What is the average spending per family? How far do they travel to work? And so on…

You want to know this information so that you can focus your email marketing content differently based on these characteristics.  The value proposition and content of your email campaign will likely change based on key characteristics important to your customer profile.

Let’s take a look at an example of a major grocery chain using ‘customer profiling’ to drive traffic to their stores.

Loblaw Ltd. (Canada’s largest retailer) president Galen G. Weston said the PC Plus program is driving members to visit the company’s stores more frequently.  Mr. Weston told analysts when discussing the retailer’s third-quarter results, “The fact that we’re putting these personalized flyers out once a week … it’s driving that incremental trip because customers want to come in and get that added value.”  The PC Plus program has been advertised as a “personalized store” for members.  The result has been a growth in profits and revenue.  See the link at end of blog for full story.

In our example, we will demonstrate how you can analyze the data within your Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions Marketing Automation implementation.

We start with an executive view to see the highest web traffic (based on duration time) by state within the country.  Looking at a map makes it easier, quicker and helps make better informed decisions. Let’s look at an example…

Take a look at the list/table showing the Average Duration of Time Spent on the Website by State (Screenshot #1 below) and then look at the same data on a map (Screenshot #2 below). 

Screenshot #1:


Screenshot #2:


It is true that a chart or list could give you the same data, but visualizing it on a map gives you a better perspective.  Studies show and prove the brain immediately starts seeing and asking different questions when viewing data on a map.  In this case you expected your products to generate higher (red) interest in states that are adjacent to bodies of water (map above).   But, in the map above you quickly notice Colorado is RED meaning the highest interest!  And why is Texas not doing as well?  By simply zooming into Colorado (see below) you quickly notice that the leads/web traffic are coming from areas that are close to rivers!  This may prove to be of tremendous value in developing your next marketing campaign.  It is very difficult to study and learn this same information viewing and analyzing lists/tables/charts!


In this next step we will zoom in to a specific high interest state, California. When we zoom in it will display the same web traffic data (average duration) at a zip code level.


By simply de-selecting the areas with lower web traffic, we can focus on the zip codes where we are getting a lot of web traffic!


The next screenshot begins to combine the web traffic data with customer profile data.  This particular example is a standard chart/map/dashboard built into the solution.


By simply clicking on a zip code and the ‘Infographics’ icon this data enrichment window pops up with specific zip code/postal code customer profile data.  The information shows the highest percentage of ‘Household Income’ for this area is between $50,000 and $99,000 per year and the bars are showing the deviation from the rest of Fresno County in this example. It can also be compared to the state or the country data for example. Note that the possible customer attributes available in this example include Age, Lifestyle Segments, Households by Income (shown), Race and Ethnicity, Average Household size and Landscape facts.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different attributes you can integrate (depending on country) to best define your customer profile.  There are also advanced and automated ways to manage and maintain this information, charts/maps and dashboards in your CRM and ClickDimensions implementation.  We will explain more in a later blog or call GREBIT or your ClickDimensions partner.

And finally, remember this was all done within Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

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