Continuous Nurture Programs

Nurture Programs are a great way to automate marketing processes, and with the introduction of our Update Marketing List Members workflow step their functionality has been extended so that it is now possible to create continuous, looping Nurture Programs. This can be especially useful for businesses who have a rewards program or some kind of “premium” customer who expects regular deals and coupons delivered to their inbox. This post shows how to leverage Nurture Programs, dynamic content, and the Update Marketing List Members workflow step to send monthly coupons to a group of Contacts who have signed up for monthly coupons.

Before creating the Nurture Program itself, you will need to create two custom fields, a coupon Email Template, a Coupon Nurture Marketing List, and a workflow.

The two custom fields to be added to the Contact entity are:

  • Coupons: (Two Options: Yes and No) – This will indicate whether or not the Contact has signed up for coupons.
  • Percent Off: (Text Field) – This will hold the coupon’s “percent off” value that is pulled into the Email Template sent out as part of the Nurture Program. This value can be updated each month so that the coupon’s value changes without the need to update the Coupon Email Template. To do this, you can run an Advanced Find for Contact’s where Coupons equals “Yes” and then bulk update these Contacts’ Percent Off fields with the new coupon value.

Once you have added these fields in CRM’s Customizations menu click “Publish All Customizations” and then navigate to Settings > ClickDimensions Settings and click the “Metadata” button. These fields will now be available for use in ClickDimensions.

Then, create a Monthly Coupon Email Template using dynamic content as shown in the screenshot below. This template will be sent out once a month as part of the Nurture Program and references the Contact’s Percent Off field so that a different coupon can be sent out each month without the need to update the Email Template itself.


Next, create a static Coupon Nurture Marketing List. Then create the Coupon Nurture Remove/Add Workflow shown in the screenshot below. This workflow should run on Contacts, have an Organizational scope, and should only be able to be run as an on-demand process. The workflow will consist of two steps, one that removes the Contact from the Coupon Nurture Marketing List and another step that adds the Contact back in to the Coupon Nurture Marketing List. A Contact will be run through a Nurture Program when they are added to the static Marketing List associated with that Nurture Program, so this workflow is the crucial piece that allows the Contact to continuously run through the Nurture month after month.



For reference, here is a screenshot of the “Remove from Coupon Nurture List” step. Note the dynamic content used to pull in the current Contact. 


Finally, it is time to put the pieces together with a Monthly Coupon Nurture Program. This Nurture Program should be associated with the Coupon Nurture Marketing List and will consist of at least three steps:

  • Send Email: Tomato Gardens Monthly Coupon
  • Wait One Month
  • Run CRM Workflow: Coupon Nurture Remove/Add Workflow. 


Once you have this Nurture Program set up you can add all Contacts who have signed up for monthly coupons to the Coupon Nurture Marketing List by running an Advanced Find for Contacts where the Coupons field equals “Yes,” clicking the “Add to Marketing List” button in the Advanced Find window, and choosing the Coupon Nurture Marketing List. Once all of the members have been added to the Marketing List you can run the Nurture to begin sending out monthly coupons.

Written by Weston Packard, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager



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