Guide to the New Free Style Editor

You may have noticed that on December 18th we released an improvement for our Free Style editor. This editor works the same way as the old version, but some buttons have been re-arranged and menus have been condensed. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.12.03 AM

  1. “HTML” tab is now “Source” – The HTML view previously on the bottom of your editor is now on the top and labeled as Source. Once viewing your code, you can click “Source” again to get back to the main menu.


  2. “Preview” tab is now accessible through the magnifying glass button – This opens the in-editor preview for a quick look at your template without guidelines. 


  3. “Inbox Preview” has moved – The Inbox Preview, your all-in-one email preview test, is now accessible at the top of the template.


  4. The Form, Survey, Landing Page, Subscription Management Page, Document Manager, and Code Snippet buttons have all been condensed into the Hyperlink Manager – All links to ClickDimensions content and automatically generated links are now part of the Hyperlink Manager. 


This is what the new Hyperlink Manager looks like. You can use the tabs at the top to navigate to the type of link you would like to add in. 


Website URL, Email, and Anchor are the same as before.

File is your Document Manager.

Unsubscribe includes both the Code Snippet Unsubscribe option, which is our global unsubscribe, and the option to choose a Subscription Management page to link to.


View in Browser is the same as the microsite option from the code snippet button. Web Content lets you choose from linking to a form (“Profile Management”), survey, landing page, or subscription management page.

Web Content lets you insert a link to your Form, Survey, or Landing Pages you built in ClickDimensions. 

5. Personalization Drop Downs are now accessible through the Personalize icon – Click the icon to have access to dynamic content for Contacts, Leads, Accounts, and Owners.


For more information on the changes made, you can see our updated Free Style editor article:

For an overview of the Free Style editor as a whole, please see this article:

See our Release Notes for more on the December 18th update:

Written by Courtney Smith, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager


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