6 Months til Step 1- 6 Habits you Should Start Today for Success

Banner Graphic Step 1 is only 6 months away!  It sounds crazy, but Step 1 is getting closer than ever. We know you’re stressed, tired, and studying your days, nights, and weekends away. We’ve put together 6 habits you should be starting now to get you in the mindset for achieving ultimate Step 1 success!

1. Assess your level of understanding. Get a baseline of what you already know vs. what you will be tested on. Take practice tests and run through question banks. Once you understand your strengths and weaknesses, focus on what you don’t know. Study. Then asses your level of understanding again. Wash, rinse & repeat.

2. Find your study sanctuary. Is it the library? A coffee shop? Wherever it is, keep it for studying only. Not Facebooking, not Tindering, free of all distractions. Seriously. Stop swiping right.

3. Get on a schedule and stay on it. Sleep, exercise, studying etc. Get in the habit of staying on schedule. Once it’s time to hunker down and only study for Step, you’ll have already trained your body and mind to be able to easily focus.

4. Stay Fit. Exercise regularly. On top of the many benefits of being in shape, physical exertion is a great way to release stress and bring needed energy to your already overworked body. Coffee and Red Bull can only do so much.

5. Eat healthier foods. Skip out on the junk food and avoid all things that you attach to the term “food coma”. You call it a food coma for a reason. Fill your body with energy boosting, nutritional brain food. Check out our blog on 4 Med School Hacks for Fueling your Brain for more tips.

6. Get enough sleep. Sometimes this sounds like a joke. Sleep vs. Study. But what if you could Sleep your Way to Getting the Best Best Score?  Your body needs recovery time, 7-8 hours at least. zzzZZZ!

7. Get Picmonic and start early. Okay, well I know this blog is titled 6 habits, but we would be doing a disservice if we didn’t mention this: The #1 comment we receive from our subscribers is that they wish they had started with Picmonic earlier. We decided to add a brand new 6 month (& 18 month for the MS1s) subscription option for you to take advantage.

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