Webinar: Content Marketing with ClickDimensions and ContentMX

Join us on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 11:00am ET for a free webinar dedicated to achieving success with content marketing. A companion to our eBook, Hooked on Content, this webinar will provide insight on how to use content marketing to promote your brand, establish your organization as a thought leader, and generate high quality leads for your sales team.

ClickDimensions’ director of marketing, Heather Wright, will share examples of how we develop premium content, target messaging to potential customers, create effective calls to action, distribute content, and generate leads through conversions using ClickDimensions and MS Dynamics CRM.

And joining us for the webinar is Jeff Mesnik, president and co-founder of ContentMX, an integrated content marketing solution that enhances your current and future marketing efforts to generate leads and increase sales. Jeff will demonstrate how easy it is to use the ContentMX cloud to execute and sustain an integrated content marketing strategy. He will discuss the benefits of combining original and curated content, and how to use tools like social email newsletters to improve SEO, website traffic and build engagement.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to increase your leads through content marketing, you won’t want to miss this session!  Save the date and register now for this FREE educational webinar.

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