More and More Students Turning to Picmonic’s Audiovisual Learning System for Improved Educational Outcomes

Picmonic shows significant growth in the medicine and nursing markets as member base more than doubles


Phoenix, Ariz. (February 25, 2015) –  Picmonic Inc, The Visual Learning Community that empowers people to create, share and explore highly effective, audiovisual study cards featuring pictorial mnemonics called “Picmonics” —  announced today it’s continued growth and momentum in the medicine and nursing market as more and more students are looking to audiovisual learning platforms to improve their educational outcomes.

“We’re seeing significant growth from students that are frustrated with dry, textbook studying and need more effective resources.  Picmonic for Medicine members doubled last year, resulting in 126% year over year revenue growth in 2014.” stated Ron Robertson, CEO & cofounder of Picmonic. “Our success is not only shown in medicine but we’ve gained the attention of nursing students with over 30,000 signups for our new Picmonic for Nursing product.”

To support continued user growth and the needs of the modern student, the Company developed an array of features and improvements. In July, Picmonic launched Version 2 of its Learning System, which focused on improving its platform in three core areas: architectural upgrades, study enhancements and increased speed. In November, they also launched a shared playlist feature where members can create and share playlists, collaboratively.

During 2014, Picmonic raised $1.25 million and won the 2014 Spring Arizona Innovation Challenge competition which awards qualified, innovative start-ups and early stage companies capital to grow their business in Arizona. As a result, Picmonic was awarded a $250,000 grant.

Picmonic more than doubled it’s size by hiring 22 new employees in 2014, including Mike Ray, formerly of WebPT, as its CTO and Heather Dunn as its VP of Marketing from rSmart. The team expansion also included four technology developers, nine product creators, four marketing and three administrative positions.

“Last year was a strong year for Picmonic and we are already carrying that momentum into 2015 with the successful launch of Picmonic for Nursing and our first iOS mobile app.” said Adeel Yang, President and co-founder of Picmonic. “We are launching our iPad app shortly, so our students can learn on the go with Picmonic. ”


About Picmonic

Picmonic Inc, brings the power of social visual platforms to learning. Picmonic gives every student the power to create an engaging and personalized learning experience, while building a connected and collaborative learning community through the use of highly effective audiovisual study cards, called “pictorial mnemonics” or Picmonics.

Established in 2011, Picmonic Inc is headquartered in Tempe, AZ. Follow Picmonic on Twitter and Facebook.

Picmonic Media Contact:

Kristin Sheff



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