Effective Email Marketing: Anthropologie

When was the last time you received an email from a company and thought, “Wow, this is stunning,” as you looked over the entire contents of the email, and followed the links that were provided?  Anthropologie, the bohemian-chic retailer for predominantly women’s clothing, accessories, home wares, and gifts, has found an effective voice when it comes to email marketing and content strategy.  Here are some examples of what they’re doing, and how you can achieve the same approach using ClickDimensions tools:

  1. Visuals grab you and invite you to read further – Anthropologie has been successful at finding its brand’s voice, and this is exemplified through the visuals.  Anthropologie’s emails use beautiful and romantic photographs arranged in somewhat scrapbook style.  You don’t feel as if you’re reading an email, it’s more like you’re reading a magazine or a lookbook.  Their graphics are thoughtful and unique, and it’s easy to transition from the email they sent you to their website.

How can you achieve this?  Explore the four different types of email template designers ClickDimensions has to offer.  There are designers available for all skill levels – if you’re a beginner, we recommend starting off with the Drag and Drop editor; if you’re comfortable with code we recommend the Custom HTML or Freestyle editors.  Use our email template designers to create something visually stunning!

  1. Their social strategy is strong – No email from Anthropologie is complete without links to get the message out beyond the context of their emails.  All of their respective social media sites are also perfectly coordinated with their website and their email campaigns.  This gives the brand a stronger voice and gives viewers a more cohesive browsing experience.

ClickDimensions incorporates social statistics and tools is multiple ways.  You can include social links within your email templates and track the activity they receive.  The Drag and Drop editor allows you to include social links that make it easy for recipients to share your message on their social networking sites.  You can create and include your own social links within the Block Editor, Freestyle Editor, and Custom HTML Editor too. 

  1. Value Messaging – Anthropologie advertises what they sell, but it’s presented in a way that keeps the email recipient reading.  For example, if they are selling women’s jewelry, they include beautiful pictures and ideas on how to style these pieces.  There’s a certain “whimsy” to their aesthetic, and they own it and use it to promote their products.  The true lesson here is, embrace your brand and find its unique voice – and let the customers be a part of what makes it so special.

Using split testing when you execute an Email Send is a great way to determine which marketing strategy or content is more effective.  With ClickDimensions, you can set up split tests and view the click heat map report to see where your recipients’ are more inclined to interact with your email.

These are just a few great email marketing practices to try, especially when you’re building your brand’s awareness.  We hope you’ll be inspired to try some of these tools for yourself and let ClickDimensions help pave the way to successful marketing!

Written by Molly Lambeth, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager


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