Picmonic Step 1 Study Plan

Med school isn’t easy. And, with Step 1 waiting around the corner, you could use a secret weapon. We’ve developed this free USMLE Step 1 Study Plan to help you tackle it all!

Circle Step 1 Study Plan Graphic

Picmonic not only draws on its research backed* success , but has also consulted medical scholars, power Picmonic users, and the input from hundreds that have received successful Step 1 scores to assemble a robust and comprehensive study plan to assist you in achieving the same.

Our Study Plan has an exclusive 3 pronged approach to help you crush Step 1!

3 Prong-01

By following this plan, you will:

  • Complete over 600 hours worth of study
  • Review over 500 First Aid pages
  • Master over 700 First Aid Specific Picmonics
  • Assess over 3500 Qbank questions

Do you have to stick with the time lines mentioned? Absolutely not. Use this plan to fit your needs. If you are aware of your strengths, spend less time on them. Know where you’re lacking or need help? With the time budgeted out for you, you can easily adapt the plan to your unique situation.

You’ll also gain access to an exclusive list of Best Study Practices!

*check out our IRB (Institutional Review Board) approved research here.

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