Update Marketing Lists According to Submitted Subscription Preferences

ClickDimensions’ subscription pages, forms, and surveys allow you to set actions that will add the respondent’s lead/contact record to, or remove them from, a static marketing list. These actions are very helpful when you know that everyone who completes a given subscription page, form, or survey should be added to or removed from a specific marketing list. However, in the case of subscription pages, this can become a little trickier if you want to automate the marketing list update process while also ensuring that your marketing lists only contain members who have opted-in to the corresponding subscription list.

Let’s say that you have a subscription page that you send to all of your new customers as a way to invite them to sign up for your three types of optional email communications: newsletters, announcements, and events. The easiest way to ensure that these new customers are on the marketing lists for the types of emails that they opt-in to is to use the subscription page’s “Add to Marketing List” action to automatically add everyone who fills out the subscription page to all three of the marketing lists. With this method, every customer will be a member of all three marketing lists, and the corresponding subscription lists and unsubscribe records that are generated and modified by the subscription page submission will control whether or not each individual member actually receives emails sent to any one of those marketing lists.

While that strategy works great in many instances, some businesses prefer to keep their marketing lists free of individuals who have opted-out of the emails sent to those lists. This is where our update marketing list workflow assembly can step in to ensure that your marketing lists are updated according to the “in” or “out” preferences submitted by your leads and/or contacts. By basing a workflow on the subscription preference records generated by each subscription page submission, the system is able to determine precisely which marketing lists a given lead or contact should be a member of.

To set this up you will need to create a workflow that runs on the creation of a subscription preference and, if the subscription preference is “in,” checks to see which subscription list the subscription preference is associated with and, based on this, adds the associated lead/contact to the appropriate marketing list. If the subscription preference is “no,” the workflow should check to see which subscription list the subscription preference is associated with and then remove the lead/contact from the corresponding marketing list.

This is what those steps look like in the workflow itself:

Subscription Preference Workflow Steps.jpg

And here is a screenshot of the properties for one of the “Update Marketing List” steps. Note how I’ve used the workflow’s dynamic values to pull the subscription list’s associated contact into this step’s “Contact” field:

Update Marketing List Step.jpg

After creating and activating a workflow like the one above that contains steps for all of your subscription lists and marketing lists, anyone who submits a subscription management page will automatically be added to or removed from the relevant marketing lists.

Happy marketing!

Written by Weston Packard, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager


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