Send 1:N data in an Email Using ClickDimensions and CRM Workflows

Use this creative workflow to handle scenarios where you want to send an email to recipients that includes data from one or more related records. This technique can be used when sending to one or many recipients.


You have Contacts in CRM who have associated records, such as products or other “line items” and you want to send an email to show a list of the associated line items to each recipient. The challenge is referencing the associated data in a ClickDimensions Email Template. Here’s one way to address this challenge!

The final email should look something like this:


In CRM, the data looks like this:


How to Accomplish This?

The trick is to use a workflow that is triggered whenever a new Line Item record is created and append the necessary data to a multiple line text field on the Contact:


TIP: For each new piece of data from the “Line Item” record that you wish to add to the text field on the Contact, be sure to select the “Append With” operator in the workflow designer. In the screenshot example above, we add 3 fields of data from each Line Item record. For each field, we selected “Append With” to add it.

Notice that we are even appending some HTML with a </br> tag so that each time new data from the Line Item is added, a line break is also added. This way we can reference the field in our ClickDimensions Email template and it will incorporate the HTML we have added so each new line item shows up in the email on its own line. Below in the Email Template you can see that we are simply referencing the text field on the Contact (we used the Description field in this example):


Other Scenarios:

This example can be extended to cover multiple scenarios. Perhaps you want to send a weekly email to your customers showing them all of the Cases they have opened that week. In this scenario, you might run a manual workflow on the open cases to update the Contact records with the open case data, create a marketing list of customers with open cases, send the email, and then clear out the field (either manually or with another workflow) so that it is ready for the following week. Or perhaps you want to send an email with a list of the webinars your customers have attended and use ClickDimensions Event Participation data in the email. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Marketing!

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