Automate Your Employees' PTO Requests

Automate Your Employees' PTO RequestsAs much as we all love the 8-5 shuffles, every once in a while a bit of RnR is required. Summer is generally the hot season for when employees like you and me tend to take off. Whether that’s due to school being out and your kids wanting to see Mickey and Minnie, or you wanting to get some beach time in during the warmer months is irrelevant. Paid-time off can truly do wonders.

Whether you work in accounting, human resources, IT or operations – managing hundreds of employees’ PTO requests can be daunting.  Not only do you need someone to cover an absent employee’s shift and account for the work he will miss, you also have to arrange to track and configure his/her hours with payroll seamlessly.  

No pressure here, right? Wrong. It’s a lot of pressure, especially if you’re doing it all manually.

For whatever reason I can’t imagine why anyone in this day and age would want to manually schedule time and attendance for their employees, but it’s more common than you think. Perhaps it’s because that’s how that department has always done it and they’re used to it. Or they are in the mindset of, ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’

Unfortunately, what you may not be aware of may hurt you.  With state and federal penalties to consider, manual time and attendance is not an ideal method to rely on. In a study that the Aberdeen Group conducted, it was found that organizations were able to reduce time and attendance issues by a total of 32 percent when they switched to an automated solution.

It makes one wonder, ‘Where are these errors occurring, and how is it affecting my bottom line?’

Whatever the outcomes were for those businesses, I am sure it cost them money somewhere. And if you’re already working off a tight budget, errors are not something you can afford. Streamlining those processes is the only way to avoid falling into that 32-percentile gap and saving your company money, time, and a bucket load of stress.

  Managing Time and Attendance in a Changing Business Environment

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