Top 3 Ways Time and Attendance Software Eliminates Payroll Errors

Top 3 Ways Time and Attendance Software Eliminates Payroll ErrorsTo borrow from a cliché about mothers: If Payroll’s not happy, then no one’s happy. And it makes sense. Everyone in your organization –– from the C-Suite to the maintenance crew –– wants to receive an accurate paycheck. A cloud based time and attendance software doesn’t “reduce” payroll errors, it eliminates them all together.

Here’s how:



  1. It’s impossible for an employee to make a clock in/out mistake. An advanced time and attendance software is based in the cloud. Therefore, information automatically updates in real time. If they think they’re punching in at 9:00, but really it’s 9:05, the accurate time is captured right down to the second.
  2. Exceptions do happen. And when they do, there is a transparent chain of events recorded in the employee timesheet. The employee can explain and request correction of the five-minute differential. The manager can approve and modify the timesheet to 9:00. When Payroll receives the time and attendance data, all changes and approvals are secure and recorded.
  3. The time and attendance software integrates with HR software and Payroll software. No more chasing down employees to complete their time sheet. No more manual calculation of hours on a spreadsheet. No more manually entering the hours into a payroll system. Instead, with the push of a button, the data is automatically exported into your system’s file-ready mode.

Managing Time and Attendance in a Changing Business Environment


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