#INBOUND15: Easy Peasy Scheduling

#INBOUND15: Easy Peasy Scheduling

As all of the #INBOUND15 attendees are gearing up to get ready for the big event, I personally have been glued to their amazing scheduling app. 

Having bounced around to many of ‘THE’ conferences throughout my marketing career, the one thing I have noticed they all had in common was that they were inconsistent in how they communicated their conference agendas. From a paper print out to daily announcements, I felt I had no control as an attendee to select what speaker I wanted to see or what valuable training session I needed to take to build credits towards any certifications I was seeking at that time. 

HubSpot’s annual INBOUND conference far exceeds the standard attendee scheduling experience.

Having a go to app that provides me with my daily agenda, a reference guide to each speakers’ background, an interactive map of the convention center helping you get from keynote to session to lunch the quickest way possible, linked social media access (so you can stay in touch with all of the other attendees), an A-Z manual on basically everything I need to know about INBOUND (FAQs, places to eat, shuttle services, etc.), and a game room to accumulate points as well as play against other attendees and win swag – is amazing!

Working for a time and attendance tech company, I have been made aware just how important effective scheduling is. Creating content for several companies has its challenges. We all have daily tasks, weekly and monthly projects as well as end of year goals to meet; add in continued education and I am a busy gal. 

Having scheduling software that can track my time and alert me on what project deadlines are coming up, is without a doubt valuable. 

Knowing where and when I need to be in advance is a time saver, and stress reliever. That’s what makes #INBOUND15 scheduling a lifesaver! So, a big shout out to all of the HubSpot crew for taking scheduling to the next level.  

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