Top 10 Ways to Use a Time and Attendance Manager Dashboard

Top 10 Ways to Use a Time and Attendance Manager DashboardThe ratio is usually 1 manager to many employees. How can one person handle all of that labor management? The tip is for business owners to give their managers tools for efficiency. Take a cloud based time and attendance software, for example. This advanced system does more than track time –– it acts as a virtual HR and payroll assistant. Here are the Top 10 Ways your managers can use a Manager Dashboard for labor management:

  1. See right now who is clocked in/out, on break, or is absent
  2. Receive an alert about missing punches, exceptions, or any other customized notification
  3. Review scheduled vs. actual hours worked to predict operational needs
  4. Analyze when and where employees are spending their time, customized by department, location, project, customer, etc.
  5. Review and approve PTO requests reconciled against employee schedules and dynamically controlled by payroll policies
  6. Have automatic software integrations with HR and Payroll systems, eliminating the need for manual and redundant time and attendance reporting
  7. Generate schedules quickly and efficiently with an interactive Visual Scheduler
  8. Create custom reports for the Finance office’s budgeting needs
  9. Reduce and eliminate time theft with highly secure and accurate time tracking
  10. Take advantage of built-in help features and support resources  


Managing Time & Attendance in a Changing Business Environment

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