Replace Paper Timesheets With Cloud Based Time and Attendance Software

Replace Paper Timesheets with Cloud Based Time and AttendanceIt’s no secret: Paper timesheets and time card systems are ineffective. Just ask our client, American Gas Products, what a headache they can be. Here are three simple things to know about replacing old, paper-based systems with cloud based time and attendance software.The first is that time tracking doesn’t change. It just gets better. How? 

  • Time is tracked in real time; updates are instantly made to an employee’s time off accruals. On an immediate basis (no longer delayed), managers can review and approve time off requests because they accurately reflect accruals.
  • Time is captured right down to the second at the assigned pay rate. So even if an employee works one hour of overtime, your Payroll team has the accurate records for payroll tax.

The second is that managers and employees alike will receive a boost to productivity. That’s because in addition to the advanced time tracking reasons stated above:

  • Employee engagement is increased. On the Employee Dashboard, they can review their schedule, check PTO balances, and make time off requests.
  • Workforce management is enhanced. On the Manager Dashboard, supervisors can generate easy-to-read reports and do a deep dive on labor analytics.

Lastly, cloud based time and attendance software is flexible and updates with changing business needs. For example:

  • SaaS time and attendance is hosted in the cloud, not installed on individual desktops (your IT team will thank you)
  • The mobile software and telephone options give your off-site employees the ability to clock in/out from approved locations, and perform other time and attendance tasks, such as check timesheet
  • Automatic software integration with HR and Payroll systems eliminates the need for redundant manual entry of reports
  • An Affordable Care Act (ACA) module can help your company stay in compliance

Managing Time and Attendance in a Changing Business Environment

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