Picmonic – Voice Actor

Become the voice that inspires change in the way we think about education. We are a collaborative team made up of forward thinking revolutionaries, that have a deep passion to inspire students to redefine what learning means. Here at Picmonic, we strive to educate and inspire people through the use of our innovative and effective application.

As as user feedback driven company, Picmonic has been recognized as one of Arizona’s hottest venture backed startups, winning the 2014 Spring Arizona Innovation Challenge. We move fast, take risks, and pride ourselves on staying flexible, fun, and ferociously committed to executing each day. Come join an innovative team that revolutionizing the way students learn.

Position Summary

As a Voice Actor, you’ll be responsible for narrating our audio visual learning cards known as Picmonics. You’ll read scripts composed of medical information and terminology to bring our cast of memorable Picmonic characters to life through unforgettable narration. You will be responsible for looking up pronunciations for difficult medical terminology when necessary, as well as accurately pronouncing all of these words. You will also be responsible for fixing and updating existing Picmonic’s audio recordings as needed. Your voice will be “the voice” of our platform so it’s important that you speak with clarity and power, as it will be heard by tens of thousands of medical and nursing students worldwide.


  • Read and record powerful and engaging narrations of Picmonic audio scripts
  • Research pronunciations for medical terminology
  • Provide updates to existing narrations as needed

Skills and Qualifications Required

  • Ability to read English fluently and accurately
  • Proven ability to pronounce difficult medical terminology
  • Demonstrates confident, powerful speaking skills
  • Comfortable speaking in front of a microphone for recording
  • Open to constructive feedback
  • Detail oriented, accurate
  • Positive, upbeat, creative, and extremely collaborative
  • Team oriented and reliable
  • Ability to maintain a flexible work schedule

Bonus Skills and Experiences

  • Past experience in voice acting or recording voice overs
  • A background in acting or performing
  • Familiarity of medical and nursing terminology
  • Ability to clearly speak in one or more different accents
  • Experience being in a recording studio

This job is NOT for you if:

  • You are shy
  • You cannot work in a highly collaborative environment
  • You cannot handle constructive criticism or take creative direction
  • You are not a reliable team player
  • You cannot cook fantastic baked goods

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