Sending a ClickDimensions Email to a Distribution List

Have you ever wanted to conveniently send an email from CRM to a distribution list that you have set up in your email client (Outlook, Gmail, etc.)? If so, creating a Contact or Lead record for your distribution list is a quick and easy solution. This method works especially well if your colleagues on the distribution list are only set up as Users in CRM and you do not have time to create Contact or Lead records for each of them. First, you will need to set up the name of the distribution list in the First/Last Name field of the Contact or Lead record. You will then add the email address for the distribution list in the Email field. Now, all you have to do is save the record and you can send a ClickDimensions email via our Email Send or Quick Send features. When you send your email to this distribution list Contact, it will send to the distribution list email address and everyone included on the distribution list will receive the email. For emails sent using this method, the email performance statistics will only show email events and a sent email record for this distribution list Contact, and not for each member of the list. Important note: Make sure the distribution list in your chosen email client is set to allow emails from outside members, otherwise the email will bounce. Happy Marketing! Written by Marissa Clontz, Marketing Success Manager
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