Our most requested new feature, available for all.  As a student, you don’t just have to learn one topic at a time. You have to learn that topic, AND how it relates to everything else. That’s where Ditto comes in. Say you’ve just learned that Penicillin is a treatment for Actinomyces, and now you’re wondering what other bugs are treated with Penicillin. Wonder no more! Ditto will show you all the Picmonic topics that contain Penicillin and you can compare them side by side. This tool is especially useful for those annoyingly similar, but tough to differentiate diseases like brain tumors or inflammatory bowel diseases. Our Beta Testers have been checking out Ditto for a few weeks, and the feedback has been awesome so far! “I think this is particularly good for microbiology or pharmacology where things have multiple uses/roles within the body.” “Love that I can easily see what else is relevant to a certain condition without having to leave the page I am on. It can also help me to test my memory and compare what I think is related and then cross check that with the Ditto feature. Excellent!” “Amazing!!!!! A great way to tie different subjects together!! I absolutely love this feature!” Check Ditto out for yourself by viewing a Picmonic and clicking on a fact when the Picmonic isn’t playing! (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)
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