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Transitioning a physical therapy clinic to a new software is a big job. That’s why we need you. As WebPT’s Training Specialist, you’ll make sure new customers and their staffs are completely comfortable with our system before they go live. In addition to helping newbies, you’ll provide training and education to current Members, too.


  • Conduct online training sessions to teach new and existing members how to use the administrative and clinical functionalities of the WebPT application.
  • Provide additional—and often, more specific—education around the WebPT application as needed. This includes partnering with the marketing team to create educational content for existing customers.
  • Schedule and document training sessions using tools like Salesforce and Appointments Plus.
  • Collaborate with account managers, onboarding specialists, integrations, and the rest of the training team to ensure successful system adoption and clinic implementation.
  • Throw business casual to the wind. We want casual-casual. Rock flip flops and jeans. We don’t care, so long as you do good work and enjoy yourself.
  • Be ready to fly by the seat of your pants. This role is ever-evolving—just like WebPT—so while you don’t need to be Cirque du Soleil flexible, we may occasionally ask you to do a few cartwheels, or at least try some things outside of your wheelhouse.
  • Study like an A-plus student. You’ll need to quickly learn complex concepts and applications—and then help others learn them, too.
  • Be a natural-born educator. Knowledge is power, and we’re all about empowerment.
  • Talk nerdy to me—er, all of us. Know your stuff and talk about it confidently, accurately, and honestly.
  • Wear a whistle—not literally, but figuratively (unless you really like whistles; that’s cool). We’re looking for a natural coach—someone who can effectively, positively, and confidently lead their Members through the implementation process.
  • Rock the mic like a vandal—not just in karaoke, but in all forms of communication (i.e., talk well and write good stuff). We’re talking impeccable communication skills and grammatical knowledge. You’re representing the WebPT brand, and we take our voice seriously.
  • Be organized, ahead of schedule, communicative, and accountable. In short, own your role entirely, while being open to critiques, suggestions, and new ideas.
  • Be passionate about customer service. You love helping people, and you constantly strive to deliver great solutions as quickly as possible.
  • Know the ropes of the rehab therapy community and the day-to-day operations of a PT, OT, and/or SLP practice.
  • Remain cool under pressure. Things can get pretty hectic at times, so we want to make sure you keep calm and carry on through even the most stressful of circumstances.
  • Jibe with our culture. We’re talkin’ energy, integrity, positivity, and a passion for helping people. Bring all that and a bag of chips. Seriously, we love chips.


  • Know SalesForce. We’re not saying you need to be a Jedi when it comes to the Force—SalesForce, that is—but solid knowledge is a must.
  • Understand the basics of Desk.com.


  • Previous web-based training experience
  • Strong knowledge and proficiency of the WebPT application
  • Understanding of the rehab community and day-to-day environment with a rehab clinic
  • Experience working in a SaaS environment and/or healthcare industry


EEO Statement

WebPT, Inc. provides equal opportunity for all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, ancestry, age, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other basis protected by state or federal law.