Customize a Picmonic: Add a Character

The Picmonic methodology is driven by combining text, image, and audio to deliver unforgettable experiences that help you learn and retain complex information in a more fun and effective way. Based on your feedback, we gave you the ability to customize your Picmonics by adding your own facts, but that was just the beginning. Now you can add a fact AND add a character! We want to make customizing a Picmonic ridiculously simple, so anyone can do it for any topic, without artistic or creative prowess. Your imagination is the only limit! To get started, just login to your account, head to your player, and click CUSTOMIZE PICMONIC at the top. Curious what we’re building next and how to score early access? Check out our beta program and see what we’ve got cooking! (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)
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