CallRail – Front-End Developer (Atlanta, GA)

CallRail is looking for a Front-End Developer to join our engineering team and help us build our next-generation call analytics platform. You’ll wear many hats in this role: we’re looking for someone who can continue improving our current WordPress site, help our marketing team measure their performance, and also build plugins and tools for our customers to use as part of our product.

Comprehensive knowledge of HTML and CSS is a given for this role. The right person knows their way around a WordPress site, and is comfortable expanding our custom theme when needed. Experience with the WordPress plugin architecture is a strong plus, as you’ll eventually be designing a comprehensive plugin that could potentially be installed on thousands of customer sites. You’ll also be the technical expert for our marketing team. They’re data-driven, and will rely on you to integrate deeply with Google Analytics, VWO, Marketo, and Salesforce.

We expect you to have a good eye for design, but this is a development role and graphic design won’t be your primary responsibility. You’ll work alongside our team of talented graphic and UI designers to ship content and features that make everyone proud.

Above all else, this position will be highly-autonomous. You’ll prioritize your efforts across a wide variety of projects, and have an impact across many parts of our growing company.

How We Work

The list below is buzzword bingo for the tools we use every day. You should enjoy working with many of these tools, and have the experience to prove it. You’ll quickly become our resident expert on all things WordPress, PHP and marketing technology, and you’ll use those skills to solve challenges we haven’t yet anticipated.

  • HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, Javascript, jQuery
  • GitHub, Slack, Basecamp
  • Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, VWO, Salesforce, Marketo
  • Ruby, Rails, AngularJS, Ionic, Twilio, Plivo, WebRTC

About CallRail

Until recently call tracking was only available through cumbersome, expensive platforms. CallRail democratized the industry by making simple, practical tools available and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Our platform helps businesses understand which of their marketing campaigns are driving phone calls, how those calls are handled once received, and how those leads convert.

CallRail is stable and profitable, and has been since the beginning. In December 2014, after four years of bootstrapped growth, we raised a small round of $1.9M to provide working capital for growth and to bring on a team of trusted advisors with deep experience in the telecom and online marketing industries. Today we support a paying customer base of over 30,000 businesses across the US and Canada.

What We Believe

  • Life is more than work. Though we work hard, we value balance. Like you, we expect to spend our evenings and weekends with friends and family.
  • Results matter. Work isn’t where you are or how long you spent; it’s what you accomplish. If you work best at home, at a coffee shop, or at the beach – we’re on board with that.
  • Be entrepreneurial at heart. You should see the big picture and understand the problems we solve. You’ll drive your own projects, so you’ll need to be independent and self-motivated.
  • Optimize for happiness. We believe that happy people are the most effective people. We take pride in our products, and believe that a fulfilling career contributes to a happy life.

CallRail is a team of confident self-starters, and that’s the kind of people with whom you work best. You’ll work alongside a fast-moving team comprised of 20 talented engineers, UI/UX designers, and product managers, but you’ll also be a key link with our marketing team. You’ll help us put our best foot forwards on a number of web presences, from our marketing site in WordPress to our support documentation sites. We’ll back you up with a leadership team that has deep product and industry knowledge, a UX and design team that crafts experiences our competitors can’t match, and a technical team that’s built successful products before.

CallRail is the startup we always wanted to work at, and we intend to keep it that way.


  • Heath, dental and vision
  • Competitive salary and company ownership
  • Results-only environment
  • Untracked vacation policy
  • 401k
  • Top-shelf Apple hardware
  • Ergonomic sit-stand workstations
  • Fully stocked kitchen and regular team lunches
  • Fun, talented coworkers with a wide variety of interests

How to Apply

Interested? We’d love to talk to you! Send an email to Elliott Wood, our VP of Engineering, at with “Front-End Developer” in the subject line. (You can put other things there, just make sure you include that!) Include anything you’d like in your email, but we’re particularly interested in learning about your work experience, how you heard about CallRail, and why you think you’d be a good fit for our team. If you send a resume, please attach it in PDF format or link to a profile on StackOverflow Careers or LinkedIn. If you have any work samples you can share, we’d love to see your Dribbble and/or Github profile too.

Sorry, we aren’t interested in working with recruiters or third-party candidates at this time.


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