Want to Improve Your Partner Sales Support? Ask these 5 Questions

Suppliers with a go-to-market strategy that includes indirect sales partners spend hours of time and millions of dollars to enable those partners to sell more. And often, partner programs give partner sales reps access to information and content via an online portal or content repository. But, traditional partner portals were not built around the complexities of today’s sales environment. Instead of one-size-fits-all content management systems of the past, those traditional methods have become more like one-size-fits-nobody. Partners today require a more personalized experience with materials to educate, engage, and, ultimately, drive more revenue. It’s important to remember that channel partners sell from multiple vendors. And simply put, the best partners, like the best suppliers, embrace modern sales processes and marketing methodologies. Want to improve your partner sales support? Ask yourself these five questions.

1) Is your on-boarding process quick and efficient? First impressions go a long way with new partners. And your organization’s first impressions almost exclusively depend on its onboarding processes.That’s why it’s essential to utilize the right tools to authorize and equip new channel partners with effective resources and tools that allow them to sell your products and services.The best partner platforms provide more than just access to resources. They allow channel partners to interface with your organization, providing robust, easy-to-use, but entirely communication tools that help build relationships.

2) Are you able to ramp-up new sales partners quickly and effectively? Channel partners experience turnover on their sales teams. It’s unavoidable.That’s why you need a platform that helps your…

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