How to Motivate Channel Sales Reps to Sell More

It goes without saying that the fundamental character trait for a top-performing sales rep is motivation. Ambition, drive, determination: Call it what you will. But at the end of the day, your channel sales reps have to overcome countless hurdles and obstacles’ with a smile on their face and a deep-rooted desire to succeed.While your organization should do all it can to partner with companies that hire self-motivated reps, keeping your partner and their reps focused and driven should be a primary focus.Below are four suggestions on how to motivate channel sales reps.

1) Pay Attention to Onboarding Generally, channel partners are selling for more than one organization. Sometimes, they are selling for your direct competitors (gasp!). And simply put, reps will sell solutions that ensure they make their targets and commissions.It’s up to your organization to make it easy for your channel reps to sell.Simplifying your organization’s processes starts by streamlining its onboarding procedures. Simplified onboarding solutions allow new hires to get ramped up quickly with your products. Automated tools can jump-start the process by providing partners with the ability to engage with your products and generate sales quotes right off the bat.

2) Keep Communication Lines Open and Frequent Ongoing communication is vital to the health of any business relationship. And today more so than ever, business moves quickly. That’s why your partner reps must always be kept in the loop—anytime, anywhere.Integrated collaboration tools should allow your organization to reach out to channel reps and centralize discussions. While you…

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