Create Custom Call Reports with Filters

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Getting the most out of your phone call analytics is not always a simple task. With so much data at your fingertips, it can be hard to unearth the full story of what’s happening with your marketing campaigns. Here at CallRail, we believe your call log and reports should be easy to navigate and understand. Our latest updates to CallRail’s filter functionality make it simple for you to pinpoint the data that matters, so you can access insights quickly. New Filters for More Detailed Reporting The best way to enhance your marketing and sales processes is to truly understand what’s going on when someone picks up the phone and dials your business. Here are the updates we’ve made so you can filter your calls for improved data extraction: Filter calls by duration. Looking to weed out misdials and mundane inquiries? With new CallRail duration filters, you can select to only view calls above or below a specific threshold. Set to only show first-time callers. See where your new customers are coming from, and analyze their activity. By layering this feature with other filters, you’ll be able to optimize which campaigns are bringing in the most new customers and how your sales team is handling those calls. Call direction and answer status filters. With CallRail’s new filter interface, users now have the ability to filter not only by call type, such as answered or missed calls, but also by whether the call was an inbound or outbound call. Search for unanswered…
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