How to Hire a Killer Web Design Agency!

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You need a new website and a web design agency!

You’ve been putting off hiring a web design agency for months or maybe years. Now, you have the time, you’re pumped, and you are finally ready to hire an amazing web design agency.

You’ve probably asked your friends and business associates for a referral. This is a great idea, as long as you ask some in-depth questions before committing to a contract!

Ask to see their work and make sure it is current.

  • Ask to see the websites they have recently designed. This will give you an idea about both the functionality of the site as well as its design layout, visual appeal, and ease of use.
  • As you review, take note of specific elements. Is their work fresh? Is it modern? Does it compel you to click on past the homepage? Overall, does it instantly convey an attention to good design detail and quality?
  • When you find yourself instantly attracted to their work, there is a very good chance that you will like the work they will do for you.

Dig a little deeper! You will want to know how they keep up with the industry.

  • Find out how they keep up with the fast changing web design industry. If they show off the fact they are always learning and evolving, you will be sure they know the latest design trends and technical advancements.
  • How do they find out about new ideas, new Web design elements, and current design trends? How do they learn new skills to improve their services to their clients?
  • Ask yourself, are they curious? If they ask you a ton of questions about you and your business, you know you have come to the right place.
  • Do they demonstrate skill with a specific code or platform? If they know the code inside and out, they will work efficiently and not waste your valuable time.
  • Do they have experience with diverse industries and professions? If you know the agency works with many types of businesses, this demonstrates that they are both adaptable and are skilled enough to handle any project!

What is their communication style?

Most web design agency teams are excellent communicators.   Find the one that best fits with your communication style.

  • Talk about communication style. Does their preference for face-to -face, email or phone match up with your favorite method?
  • Ask about frequency of contact. Do you like daily, weekly, or monthly check-ins?
  • How about language? Does the agency team speak to you in layman’s terms and language you can readily understand?

Take a test drive!

  • Ask the agency if you can try them out on a small project ahead of time. You will get the chance to see how easy it is to work with them prior to signing on with them for your website build.
  • Be sure to let them know you expect to pay for the project so they understand you want to establish a good working relationship.

Do we have a match?

Don’t underestimate the importance of the agency’s culture and the personality of the teams assigned to your account.

  • Do the culture and team personalities align with yours?
  • Do they have low-key attitudes or are they more get-down-to-business types?
  • Recognize your comfort level and visualize how well you will work with them throughout the project’s duration.

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When you follow this exercise, you should be 100% confident with your final choice and ready to hire your new web design agency!

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