How to Track Calls from Ads

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Today’s most successful marketers make their decisions based on careful data capture and analysis. This is especially true when it comes to online advertising. Most PPC platforms give advertisers the ability to measure clicks, but this leaves a blindspot between the time the visitor clicks an ad and a business answers the call. Call tracking fills that blind spot and provides the insights that you need to increase your bottom line. What is Call Tracking? Call tracking is a marketing technology that provides in-depth information about the people who call your business, including how they initially found your phone number. One of the primary uses of call tracking is to correlate inbound calls with particular advertisements and marketing campaigns. Marketers can track calls down to the online campaign, ad and even keyword. This level of detail is incredibly valuable and can help to transform sales and marketing strategies. In fact, 92% of CallRail users spending over $100,000 on ads report that call tracking helped reduce their cost per lead. How does it work? Call tracking on websites is made possible with Dynamic Number Insertion. This feature dynamically swaps out the phone numbers on your website with tracking numbers that you own so that you can correlate those calls with the sources and ads that generated them. With Dynamic Number Insertion, CallRail displays a different tracking number for each source, such as Google AdWords, Yahoo Organic, Yelp or Facebook. This tracking number follows the visitor as they navigate your website and…
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