VAR Call to action: It's Time to Take Charge

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Allbound loves inviting guest authors to contribute to our Partner Sales Acceleration conversation, and today’s blog post is from Mike Weir, Vertical Director – Technology Industry at LinkedIn.  In today’s marketplace, VARs have the opportunity, and requirement, to create a brand and reputation that stands out and shows the promised “value.” VARs need to be backing their efforts up with a vision & mission that guides culture and sets the direction for a marketing strategy and a partner identity showcasing true differentiation to the market. Just stating “I’m the best local storage integrator!” is no longer going to cut it to persuade ever-savvier clients, or instill confidence from OEM partners looking for the best investment. The great news is many VARs have  already transformed their strategies from simply carrying out product marketing campaigns to truly driving their own point of view in the marketplace with OEMs as a key asset in the story and they’re showing the returns. Get on Board with Relevant Market Insight One of the ways that VARs can add value is to be part of the conversation that’s shaping and rapidly changing the technology landscape. And what many VARs don’t realize is that this includes open, weekly interaction and engagement with the industry they serve and their customers. New developments in various verticals like Banking, key industry regulations, and the growth in Internet of Things are all examples of impactful trends that VARs need to stay on top of. Keeping up with current industry and technology…
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