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Enabling the world to share and learn from each other’s creations. Earlier this year, we developed the Picmonic Generator to empower the world to take creation into their own hands. Incredibly, over 2,000 Picmonics have been created and the time has come: we’re unleashing all of these amazing brain babies into the Beta community. Community Created Picmonics  Our goal is to inspire a new era of audiovisual learning by empowering the world to create, share, and learn Picmonics, but we can’t do it alone! We’re a small startup and it would be impossible for us to create the necessary content for all of academia. However, by developing the tools, we’ve enabled you and the world to join us on this journey. Getting Started Search for any topic in the Picmonic app, and under the title, you’ll easily be able to see who it was created by. This is currently only available to our Beta members! If you only want to see content created by Picmonic in your Search results, uncheck the Community Picmonics filter in the left sidebar: The Community’s Voice We want to make it as easy as possible for you to zero in on the best Community Picmonics, a way to separate the good from the great. So we added in ratings to ensure the voice of the Community is heard. Click the  icon in the upper righthand corner of your Player to rate a Picmonic, give feedback, or report it for being factually inaccurate (or wicked inappropriate). Soon,…
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