What is Channel Partner Collaboration?

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So you’ve decided that using a partner network to boost your sales is the next logical step for your organization. Congratulations, young grasshopper—you’ve made a wise decision. But before you become a truly enlightened mantis, it’s best to understand how to best implement the network. This brings us to the following question: What exactly is channel partner collaboration? For starters, managing your channel partners is like managing any business relationship. Much like your in-house employees, the best partners have the industry knowledge, distribution channels, sales background, and customer relationship skills to sell your product or services. Unlike managing in-house employees, however, managing channel partners is a bit more complex and time-consuming. Effective collaboration equals successful engagement with your company. When you and your channel aren’t aligned, you increase the risk of roadblocks and conflict between channel and direct reps. To answer the above question, we’ll review the two components of channel partner collaboration. The Power of Relationships Remember, your channel partners are just that—your partners. Engaging and sustaining positive relationships with them is critical to your success. And as with any healthy business relationship, using effective collaboration techniques is crucial. Because your partners will be selling for and representing other companies, they will be relying on you to provide the tools necessary to their success. And with the right internal efforts and technology, collaboration is entirely possible. First off, paying attention to your company’s vision and culture leads to an increase in engagement. Build an environment that’s rooted in accessibility…
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