5 Essential Inbound Marketing Strategies

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According to Hubspot, the number of marketers who are practicing inbound tactics rose from 60% last year to 85%, while the percentage of marketers who don’t run inbound dropped by nearly half to 13%. That’s not that surprising since, unlike other marketing strategies, inbound is more about educating and giving value to clients organically and holistically as oppose to going out and finding them. Some of the great things about inbound marketing strategies that many inbound tactics are low cost, plus you know that when the customer was in need of something you offer, meaning they’re further along in the purchase cycle, thus more likely to convert into a client. Here are 5 tried and true strategies that have been proven to transform your marketing and give you a robust inbound marketing strategy, making your business a lean mean converting machine. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Many people believe that SEO is the foundation of any effective marketing strategy. In fact, according to Marketo, 93% of buying cycles start with a search online. If your company shows up high in the search results, or is active on a searcher’s social networks, you’ll get free brand awareness. Since it’s inception, the role and rules of SEO has a much broader definition. You still need SEO to reach potential customers looking for your products or services on whatever platform they’re using. This means the technical aspects of your website are still incredibly important, and basic SEO techniques are very much necessary. This also means…
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