Phone number ownership and the $800 porting fee

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Who owns your tracking phone number? Knowing you’ll always be able to receive calls to your business is something most of us take for granted. However, if you’re planning on using call tracking phone numbers in your marketing efforts, you will want to know who owns the phone numbers you’re using. After all, you’re going to be using these numbers to promote your business. When you don’t own the tracking phone numbers you run the risk of losing the ability to control the routing of calls coming through those numbers. There are a few common scenarios where this could be a concern. I’ll describe a few of them below. Call Tracking Providers: Not all call tracking providers ‘sell’ you the phone numbers. Instead they ‘lease’ the phone number to you while you’re using them.  Stop using their service and you lose your phone numbers. Marketing Solution Providers: Some marketing solution providers will not allow you to keep any tracking numbers they set up as a part of their service. Stop using the solution they provide and you lose your phone numbers. Marketing Agencies: Most marketing agencies use call tracking numbers in a way that does not trap you. Rarely, marketing agencies are not willing to (or not able to) transfer tracking numbers they set up to track their efforts. If they use a call tracking provider that leases numbers then they simply aren’t able to release the numbers. We believe your phone number should belong to you. Before you choose a call tracking provider, whether…
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