Drive More Calls with AdWords Call Extensions

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Today, more than 65 percent of time spent on digital media is spent on mobile, meaning it’s more important now than ever to pay attention to your audience’s behavior and optimize your web presence for phone leads.This goes well beyond creating a mobile optimized website. You’ll want to make sure your marketing strategy is in line with the times, and that means creating mobile-friendly ads that encourage users to to perform actions, like calling. Taking this one step further, you need to be able to effectively measure how well your mobile optimized ads fare among consumers in order to get an accurate picture of their performance. Think about it: Most likely, you rely on Google Analytics to give you stats about clicks and online conversions. Why wouldn’t you do the same for phone calls? So, how can you track phone calls the same way you would track clicks or online conversions? Enter Google AdWords call extensions. What are AdWords call extensions? AdWords call extensions is a feature that lets you add a phone number to your existing Google ads. When a user clicks on your ad, they’ll be taken to your website or, if browsing on mobile, they can call your business directly. If browsing on desktop they will be presented with a number to reach you at on the ad. You can even configure your ads to display your phone number only when your business is actually open to have fewer missed calls, more conversions and a better, all-around…
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