The Quick Guide to Structuring Your SaaS Partner Program

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Those selling cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are at the forefront of a changing sales world. Cloud-based deployments of subscription-based solutions that serve enterprises far away from the provider has opened up a world of new ways to make money working directly with clients — and now channel sales is beginning to show its value; offering unique benefits to this unique selling model. It’s becoming clear that leveraging partners can have some real benefits for those selling SaaS solutions. Partners can bring your SaaS offerings to new customers and new markets, cut down on your need for a full in-house sales staff, and increase your margins by cutting down on the support you have to offer for your solution. But there are potential pitfalls, too, if you approach setting up a SaaS partner program the wrong way. This quick guide will explain what to do – and what not to do – when setting up your SaaS channel partner program to get the most out of your partner relationships. Get Ready for the Channel Creating a channel partner program requires preparation. Figuring out what types of partners you want to sell through, which partners can best present your SaaS solution the way you need them to, and which will work the hardest to make your product a success are all critical to a good partner program. Building out well thought-out partner personas, determining what you want out of your partners and where you want to sell your solution,…
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