5 Cool Jobs You Can Get with a Pre-Health Degree

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Pre-health (or degrees that fall under that pre-health umbrella) is the degree most students get when they’re gearing up for a career in medicine. It’s also the gateway to a successful medical career so it makes sense that there’s a lot of work involved -and a lot of studying. That’s where Picmonic flies in to save the day! Like Superman, Picmonic has a secret identity: it’s a fun guide that’s actually an awesome learning tool. Sign up and try it for free! It’ll make learning easier and way more entertaining. Once you snag your degree you’ll have tons of opportunities coming your way! A pre-health degree is versatile and makes you an attractive candidate for several types of occupational jobs. Here are five jobs you can get with a pre-health degree. Health Education Wellness education is a big market. Just ask Dr. Oz. He gets to talk about Oprah-approved poop shapes for a living. If you don’t have a fear of public speaking or you’re interested in helping others shape their future and you’re okay with maybe having to talk about poop like Dr. Oz., it might be worth obtaining your certificate in teaching to teach health subjects such as nutrition, biology, or chemistry. At about $44,000 a year, you could make a huge impact on someone’s life and maybe even change the world, one student at a time. Medical Assistant Medical assistants let you utilize your pre-health degree while learning your way around a doctor’s office. Medical assistants are hired to support physicians by…
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