Conversation Intelligence for Inbound Marketing Campaigns

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Earlier this year CallRail introduced conversation intelligence technology,  making it easier to automatically qualify phone leads and streamline your marketing and sales by focusing on what’s really converting.Using machine learning, call metadata, and transcriptions, CallRail’s powerful conversation analytics takes the guesswork out of qualifying leads so you can spend less time manually scoring your calls and understand the quality of a call without even having to listen to a recording. In this post, we’ll discuss  how you can use conversation intelligence to optimize your inbound marketing campaigns for better content and drive more conversions. Why Calls for Inbound Marketing So why should inbound marketers care about calls? Well for starters, mobile phone usage, specifically when conducting searches has brought in a renewed focus on calls. In fact, BIA/Kelsey has predicted that mobile search will generate 73 billion calls to businesses by 2018. Not only are calls on the rise, but those calls are converting at a rate of 10-12 times more than clicks so it’s important to focus on how we can generate more of them. Luckily, the secret to driving more calls exist in the content of the conversations taking place with your business, and call intelligence allows you to dig deeper into what happens during those calls. CallSribe Automatic Transcriptions CallScribe gives you the ability to read your conversations from the call details page for calls made to a tracking phone number. Transcriptions are split up between caller and agent, so you know which text represents each person in the conversation. You…
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