Make nursing school easier with these 7 tips

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Nursing school isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would do it. Between going to class, writing endless care plans, and getting ready for the NCLEX®, nursing students keep busy! It helps to have Picmonic on your side. Picmonic for Nursing is the ultimate get-ahead (while having fun!) study guide, providing you with all the essentials you need to pass the NCLEX and retain the information. But Picmonic isn’t the only thing that can help you through nursing school. We have seven tips that might make nursing school easier. Keep It Together Staying organized is a major part of life, so it’s no surprise that staying organized in nursing school is important. It’s number one on our list for a reason: keeping track of assignments, notes, and schedules will help you become a better nurse and, well, maybe even a better human. Practicing your organization skills in the short-term fuels time management and helps you create a study schedule while preparing you for managing patients and their paperwork in the future. Don’t Guess Are you having a tough time in class? Falling behind? If there’s a concept you don’t understand, don’t wait until the night before a test to try to learn it. Get help immediately. Raise your hand in class, ask a friend or professor, or get together a study group to ensure that you can grasp all the lessons. Nursing school class material often builds upon concepts, so if you wait to get help you may already be too…
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