Meet the Picmonic Support Team

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If you reach out to Picmonic, you’ll likely be talking to one of a small team of 5 – all of whom wear lots of different hats and get to represent you and other users like you across all areas at Picmonic. We’re always here to help you – so get to know us! Brett Dodgeball National Champion (yep, they have championships!) Defender of the Oxford Comma Keeper of a Clean Desk Stacked Bar Graph Aficionado Mead Brewer If you reach out to Picmonic support, there’s a 95% chance you’ll talk to Brett. Caitlin Mother of chihuahuas Owns more cardigans than the average librarian Still watches baseball Future castaway and victim of a blindside on the show “Survivor” Is confident that she has the best theory about Westworld in the office Sender of all the emails Steve Spends too much money on Starbucks but won’t admit it Enjoys Tron a little too much His weakness is cookies Seeks the internet to help him make life decisions. Attempted user of p90x The man behind the scenes, answering all of your questions at all Picmonic webinars Erika Chipotle addict Wrangler of Penny the dog Overly proud of her Xbox Live gamerscore Has rear view mirrors on her desk to avoid being startled Makes useless websites to entertain herself. Case in point: Sets up fun things like promotions, competitions, and feature releases Matt Keeper of a clean desk and even cleaner desktop Into winter sports and winter clothes A top notch weaver…
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