5 Study Habits to Start This Year

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New Year. New You. So why keep the same old study habits? If studying is a challenge for you, maybe it’s time to switch up how you study! It’s not all about books and highlighters. Studying can be made easy and -dare we say- fun with Picmonic. No matter what medical field you’re studying, Picmonic has something for you! But sometimes learning effectively requires more than just studying. It also means creating, and then sticking to, some good study habits. Not sure where to start? We have 5 study habits to start this year that can boost your test scores and your career. Decide How You Learn Everyone learns differently. Maybe you can remember everything you read but not a single lecture- no matter your learning style, make a note of it (no pun intended). Take this free quiz to help you find the best way to study, so you can better focus on your daily lessons. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can say goodbye to reading your textbook. In fact, we know for sure you need to read your textbook! But it does mean you can find the best ways for your brain to retain information. Make a Buddy There’s power in numbers, so make friends and join a study group. Study groups can help you out if you need notes, a little review of a lesson, or a study buddy for the afternoon. And, in turn, if someone needs your help, you can give back to the group…
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