5 Ways to Ensure Effective Channel Management vs. Micromanaging

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Anyone who has ever worked, well, pretty much ever, has probably experienced micromanagement. And as many can attest, the feeling is unpleasant at best—and suffocating at worst. Being closely monitored and controlled by your boss can take a toll on not only your confidence, but also your productivity and overall satisfaction at the office. So how does micromanagement factor into partner sales? Truth is, it’s not all that different. While channel managers may interact with their partners’ reps in a way that’s far different from traditional sales, it’s still possible to fall into a micromanagement trap. To help ensure effective channel management, here are five tips. 1. Define the Scope of Your Leadership When one considers the concept of management, it’s generally in the context of individuals. And while channel management still requires managers to oversee a group of humans, it demands a much broader scope. Rather than focus solely on individual reps, managers must take a look at the big picture and outline markets, industries, and focuses to ensure that all reps are clear of expectations. Defining your channel framework gives your partners a model within which to operate. 2. Align Business Objectives With Your Partners Channel partnership is indeed a symbiotic, strategic business alliance. However, at the end of the day, each side is equally concerned with one overarching thing: its own business. Not understanding your partner’s business model and objectives can hurt your relationship from the start. While it’s not necessary to completely match your partner’s business…
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