6 Years of Impact Driven Entrepreneurship: SEED SPOT’s Annual Impact Report

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6 Years of Impact Driven Entrepreneurship: SEED SPOT’s Annual Impact Report

 Download the Impact Report here

In 2012, a series of notes, scribbles and thoughts were jotted down in the back of a notebook in response to one single question: where do people go if they have an early stage idea to solve a problem in the world?

Then Mayor, now Congressman Elect, Greg Stanton opening up SEED SPOT’s first Cohort Kickoff Party.

The answer was simple if you had a network of supporters, went to the right schools and had the right connections… then the world was your oyster.  Then and still now, there are lots of options for entrepreneurs with the right networks, in the right location, and with the right pedigree.  But how do you actually get started?

We have seen countless napkins, post-its, notebooks, early prototypes, and heartfelt pitches from passionate individuals looking for a place to land and  a community of peers. We’ve created that safe space for people to connect, and advance their idea. We serve the doers and dreamers of the world.

Six years later, we have served 557 entrepreneurs and counting.

50% of alumni are women founders & 46% are minority founders.

The heroes are the entrepreneurs. They have gone on to create impact locally and globally.  Not only do their products, services, and technologies improve lives and impact communities in meaningful ways, but they drive real economic growth.

These outcomes are particularly poignant since  a majority of program participants come into SEED SPOT without any revenue or capital. Our structured curriculum, mentorship models, and access to capital opportunities combined with the sheer grit and passion of the entrepreneurs we serve lead to exceptional impact and economic results.

As we celebrate the hundreds of entrepreneurs who have gone on to launch innovative solutions to social problems…we also know that the world needs more problem solvers – now more than ever.

Our high school program, serving the next generation of innovators has reached over 1,700 students in 4 states.

The impact of SEED SPOT entrepreneurs is being tracked in partnership with the Global Accelerator Learning Initiative (GALI) to refine the questions we ask our entrepreneurs.  SEED SPOT alumni are solving problems across a number of global challenges mapped to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Want to read more? We thought so!  Download our 6-Year Impact Report here. [link or button]

We are not alone on this journey of impact. To the people who first believed that answering the question in that notebook was important to, the first cohort of entrepreneurs who trusted us with their ideas, to the network of donors, mentors, team members and supporters who have come around this body of work for the past 6 years…thank you.

Year 7 is already underway and we hope you will join us in our pursuit to bring our programs to schools and communities across the country. Donate to support our work and the future doers and dreamers the world needs.  [link or button]

The world needs problem solvers.  We are here to ensure that those who choose to take action to solve a problem have the support to see their mission through.


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