12 Days of Christmas – Partner Gift Guide

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Tis’ the holiday season, the time to be merry, the time to show appreciation.


Since your partners can highly impact your business, it’s important to show them appreciation, especially in the holiday season. If you’re looking for better ways to show appreciation than sending a basket full of meats and cheeses—although, that’s always a great option—look no further. We have 12 unique ways to show your partners appreciation this holiday season.


Disclaimer: For this blog, I’m going to need you to have an open mind and a merry heart, this blog is written to the tune of “Twelve Days of Christmas”. Join me as we sing appreciation for our partners!


On the twelfth day of Christmas, my partner gave to me….




It’s the little things in life that make all the difference. Adding gamification to your PRM can impact your partner’s experience on a daily basis by making the learning experience more enjoyable. In most cases, partners are motivated by money or prestige—gamification solves two problems with one stone. Partners have the opportunity to challenge themselves and learn, while giving them the opportunity to earn bragging rights and real-life rewards like gift cards. That’s a win for you and your partners!


On the eleventh day of Christmas, my partner gave to me…


An Invitation to the Annual Holiday Party


Partners are an extension of your team, treat them like one. Give them the opportunity to meet and engage with your team. Inviting them to the “inner circle” will help them build relationships with your team members and increase brand loyalty.

On the tenth day of Christmas, my partner gave to me…


Tickets to a Conference


To avoid getting stale, your team should be exposed to the industry, new strategies, and elevated technologies at least once a year. Attending conferences and interacting with other professionals ignites creativity and innovation. Investing in your partner’s education will help them feel like a valued member of your team and could spark ideas about how to better sell your product and solution.


On the ninth day of Christmas, my partner gave to me…


A Branded Swag Box

To get your swag box to stand out from other general swag boxes, make sure the things you are sending out aren’t cheesy. The years of fidget spinners, PopSockets, and useless toys are over. Give your partners something they can actually use. Need some ideas on what to include?


On the eighth day of Christmas, my partner gave to me…


An End of the Year Commission Bonus


If you give your internal team monetary bonuses at the end of the year, consider giving your partners a chance to earn a bonus as well. While it may not be feasible to give all partners a bonus for work they have already done, you could give them an additional time-framed deal. To motivate your partners to close those last deals of the quarter, you could offer them an additional percentage of commission. Depending on the product, an additional 2%, 5%, or 10% commission could make a big difference for your partners.

On the seventh day of Christmas, my partner gave to me…


An Edible Arrangement


The holidays are a dangerous time for anyone on a strict diet—if you know what I mean. If your partners are trying to watch their figure for the new year and are too far away to attend a local party, an Edible Arrangement is a perfect solution to make them feel appreciated. Fruit in the shape of flowers—beautiful and delicious!


On the sixth day of Christmas, my partner gave to me…


Scratch-Off Map


In a traditional sense, these scratch off maps are used for travel, but they could be used as a “Map of Deals”. As your partners sign deals, they can scratch off the state the buyer came from. As they scratch off the state, they will feel more accomplished and motivated to collect the other states. This is a fun way to show progress over time, especially if your partner reps aren’t limited to a certain region.


On the fifth day of Christmas, my partner gave to me…


Local Products

Ask yourself, “what makes your city so special?”. Remember, most of your partners are remote and don’t get to experience the culture of your amazing city. To help them feel included in your local culture, send them something that you can only get from your city. Get creative and have a little bit of fun with this idea, for example, Allbound is based in Phoenix, Arizona. A wow-factor example from Phoenix could be a pack of scorpion lollipops.


On the fourth day of Christmas, my partner gave to me…


A Charity Donation


Give a donation to a charity of the partner’s choice. By doing this, it will help a cause the partner is interested in, build rapport with your partner, and give you a deeper understanding of what matters to your partners. It’s the gift of giving—literally.


On the third day of Christmas, my partner gave to me…


A BarkBox

If your partners are like Allbound, they may have an additional, often forgot member of the team—their office pup! Giving gifts like a BarkBox shows partners that you’ve noticed something special about their company’s dynamic and are rewarding them for being unique.


On the second day of Christmas, my partner gave to me…


A Money tree

When partners know you believe in them, they will believe in themselves and the work they are doing. Encourage your partners with an office plant. As the new year approaches, you can express your excitement for growth in your relationship with them. Not to mention, having plants in the office has significant health benefits.


On the first day of Christmas, my partner gave to me…


A Handwritten Note

Handwritten notes have become a thing of the past, but it’s time to bring them back. When you take time out of your day to hand write a note, it’s like a personal “thank you”. Take a little extra time and make sure your partners know they are valued and appreciated this holiday season.


Hopefully these ideas help you show a little extra appreciation for your partners. Have any additional ideas? Let us know in the comments.


From all of us here at Allbound, we wish you and your partners a wonderful holiday season.

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