How to Pick The Perfect Partner Bracket

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While everyone loves March Madness, the last thing anyone needs is for their search for partners to be actual madness.

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Just like winning the $1 Billion dollars that’s up for grabs, attaining a perfect partner bracket can seem impossible. However, picking your partner bracket doesn’t have to be a challenge when you have the right strategy and a hint of luck. These four key factors can guide you on better ways to build your perfect partner bracket.

Listen to Analysts

You have to admit that no matter if you’re an amateur or an expert, there’s always someone who knows more about the subject, or at the very least, has a different perspective than you. A difference of opinion is not a bad thing, especially in a partnership. Having a trusted resource to challenge your methods and push you towards innovating your thinking can significantly boost drive and overall success. Listen to analysts about which partnership will guide you to the sweet sixteen, elite eight, final four, and then become a champion.

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Consider the Sleepers

Your partners should be trustworthy and dependable, but they don’t always need to be your number one seed as long as they are able to perform. Like it or not, it’s important to choose partners who have some major differences from you. Just because there are different plays, doesn’t mean we’re playing a different game.

If your partner is an identical match, there would be little value added to their customers with your product, making it a tough sell and a lousy partnership on both ends. Don’t get stuck in the “same old” strategies with the people you’ve known your whole life. Sometimes you have to let go of home-grown favorites and choose the best teams to represent you and your overall bracket success.

You Can’t Predict the Future

What can shatter your goals faster than a bracket buster in the first round? Picking a partner that is a horrible fit for your business model. While a partner’s track record may be outstanding, there’s no way to tell if they will choke when they are invited to do the dance. Do in-depth research about their product, sales process, strategy, and values to see if they could be a good fit.

Man playing basketballTrust Your Gut

Things don’t usually go as planned—the past five March Madness tournament can make that perfectly clear. With history showing us that consistent upsets are a distinct possibility, it’s important to listen to your gut for when it tells you that something is truly wrong. Sometimes a situation can lead to strong analytics and an outstanding track record, but if something inside says that you should get out, it’s probably for good reason. So many strong teams make it to March Madness just to choke when it’s their time to shine. Don’t let your partner’s track record outweigh your gut feeling. It’s better to have missed out on a potential partnership rather than blow it all on a risky relationship that gets you into some locker room drama.  

It takes work and diligence to put together your perfect partner bracket, but if you’re strategic and lucky enough, you just might be able to climb that ladder to cut down the net. Put these tips to work and let us know if they help you build your perfect partner bracket.

Are you going to win it all this year?


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