I’ve created my first tracking number: Now what?

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After creating your first tracking number in CallRail, you might be wondering what to do next. Here are some of our recommended next steps, so you can start getting the most out of call tracking:

  1. Add users: Give your teammates and clients greater visibility into your work
  2. Create notifications: Know instantly where your leads come from
  3. Activate Integrations: Streamline your tech stack with CallRail
  4. Optimize call tracking: Improve marketing campaigns and customer satisfaction ratings

Dedra Mitchell and Brittney Sovik contributed to this post.

Add users and set their roles

Add users to your account so your team or clients can interact with call data and reporting based on their individual needs.

For example, marketing firms using CallRail for multiple companies might grant Manager-level access to their clients. This gives their customers more flexibility within that company account, while keeping their agency billing, branding, and account-wide settings secure.  

There are five different types of users in CallRail (Executive Administrators, Administrators, Managers, Reporting, and Notification users), each of which has varying account privileges. When creating user profiles, think about how much you want that person to see and whether you want them to make changes to your account. Once a user has been created, you’ll always be able to change their access level at a later date, if necessary.

This help article goes into more detail about how to create and manage users in your account.  

Create notifications for important events

Create notifications for yourself or other users on your account to stay in the loop on your CallRail activity. You can customize your notifications based on which alerts you want to receive, and how you want to receive them.

Here’s an example of a customized alert that filters calls marked as a qualified lead via CallScoreThese alerts will send to the user’s email for quick visibility on high-quality leads.

CallRail's custom lead scoring notification

Read this help article to learn how to create and customize notifications in your account. 

Create summary emails for less frequent, higher-level notifications on your CallRail activity. Here’s an example of a customized summary email, where the user receives weekly emails of summary statistics and top sources for calls, filtered by Qualified Lead status. There’s also an example of how the summary email will appear in your inbox:

Setting up company summary email for call reports

Call tracking report showing first time callers

This help article explains how to create company summary emails in your account.  

Activate integrations to sync your data

Connecting your other sales and marketing platforms with CallRail is the easiest way to streamline your analytics and create a more synchronized workflow.

Integrate CallRail with Google Analytics, so that every time someone calls a tracking number on your website, that call appears on your Analytics dashboard alongside other visitor events for website optimization.

If you’re running ads on Google AdsFacebook, or Bing Ads, integrating these ad networks with CallRail gives you more powerful analytics by sending call events to these platforms and back into CallRail if you’re using our Multi-Touch CPL report.

Other popular integrations include Slack for automatic notifications, HubSpot and Salesforce for connecting to your CRM, and Zapier for automated workflows. (A full list of CallRail integrations is available here.)

Is there anything else I should do?

CallRail is a great way to monitor marketing campaign progress, but you don’t have to be actively running campaigns to benefit from call tracking.

Use a keyword pool of tracking numbers for user-level session data to optimize your website, know your best referring sites (Yelp, etc.), and understand which PPC search terms are performing. You can also listen to call recordings for employee training and business insights directly from your customers.

Head over to the CallRail Community for more ideas on how other marketers are using call tracking to meet their specific needs. You can also check out our case studies to see metrics from different industries that have used CallRail to grow their business.

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