We’ve upgraded Account Center: New tools make client management easier than ever

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Here on CallRail’s Product team, we’re dedicated to making multi-client management as easy and efficient as possible. That’s why we’re proud to announce several exciting new tools and enhancements in Account Center designed to help you get more done in less time.

callrail account center interface

Streamlined client management

These Account Center upgrades aim to make it even easier to manage multiple clients within CallRail. Previously, CallRail users had to create a new account with its own login information for each new client, and every account was managed individually. Alternatively, some users maintained a single account and added clients as ‘companies,’ which limited access to certain account functions.

But with our new Account Center upgrades, you can manage everything under a single umbrella. Thanks to the new single-user interface, you’ll be able to access and manage all of your clients’ call tracking campaigns via one master email address. This lets you easily switch between accounts as you manage users and clients within your agency.

Clients can now be made administrators of their own accounts, which allows them to add or change user roles directly via the Account Center dashboard:

Pricing that meets client needs

Our pricing plans are also more granular and flexible now. Since pricing plans are set at the account level, you and your clients can now choose from multiple plans for each account, allowing you to pick the best setup for your needs.

With our wider variety of service offerings, CallRail’s plans can scale with your agency and attract clients of all sizes.

Give your clients ownership of their accounts

In addition to flexible pricing, you can also now grant clients ownership of their own accounts. You’ll share executive administrator privileges, but the client will manage and maintain their accounts and create their own campaigns, taking work off your plate while further proving the results from your marketing efforts.

Plus, your clients will always be able to manage and maintain their own tracking numbers as the account owner, even if they leave your agency. (No more hassles with billing or number transfer requests!)

Cut through the noise with anomaly alerts and daily insights

Finally, we’ve provided a valuable new tool to alert you automatically when a client’s account has a problem, like a failed integration. The tool is powered by an integration with Slack, the popular professional messaging software, which will notify you in the channel of your choice:

You’ll also be alerted when something may need your attention, even if it hasn’t broken, such as when a tracking number is receiving an unusually high rate of abandoned calls. This is the type of thing that you may not notice if you aren’t looking for it, but could still indicate a problem.

Of course, not all notifications mean bad news: You’ll also get daily insights that show general trends and analysis, such as which channel or source drove the most qualified leads in a given week.

Ready to take full advantage of Account Center in your CallRail account? Contact Support or your Success Manager.

Let us know what you think of the new Account Center! Stop by the CallRail Community to register your thoughts. You can also learn more about Account Center by checking out the Agency Tools and Account Center sections in the CallRail Help Center.

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