Instant call tracking notifications are easier than ever with our upgraded Slack integration

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Slack recently hit an impressive milestone: According to reports, more that 10 million active users log in to Slack every day to chat with coworkers, share files, and collaborate on projects.

We can’t say we’re surprised — at CallRail, we’ve used Slack as our primary messaging tool for years. We love the way it brings team communication into a single interface, and have found real value in the ability to customize Slack with third party integrations.

This added value of customization inspired us to build our own Slack integration several years ago, and today we’re excited to announce a brand new version with some major upgrades. In addition to the real-time call, text, and form submission notifications of the original, the new integration includes daily performance reports with automatic trend analysis, anomaly alerts when something breaks or needs your attention, and the ability to respond to texts directly from the app.

Setup gets easier

A webhook is a way for one app to provide other apps with real-time information, and webhooks are the basis of many of Slack’s third-party integrations. While useful, the process of activating an integration via webhook can be a bit cumbersome.

Our new Slack integration does away with webhooks in favor of an app that you install directly into Slack. Setup is a breeze — just access the account and company of your choice in the CallRail app, choose the workspace and channel you’d like to use in Slack, and integration is ready to go.

Daily Performance Reports

The new Slack integration also keeps you up to date on the performance of your campaigns with automatic insights and analysis of each company’s call tracking trends. These daily reports, which arrive in Slack every morning at 9:00am, synthesize high-level takeaways at a glance, so you can stay on top of performance and make adjustment as needed.

Reports include the basics, like the amount of total calls in a day, as well as more advanced metrics like which of your sources saw the highest increase or decrease in week-over-week call volume.

Anomaly Alerts

Along with daily insights, we’ve provided a useful new tool to alert you when your attention is needed. If an integration breaks or a tracking number stops working, you’ll get an alert in Slack, so you can fix the issue quickly to avoid any disruption in tracking data:

callrail slack anomaly alert

Anomaly alerts also alert you when something may need your attention, even if it hasn’t broken, such as when a tracking number is receiving an unusually high rate of abandoned calls. This is the type of thing that you may not notice if you aren’t looking for it, but could still indicate a problem that needs to be addressed.

Real-time notifications and text responding

Monitoring all the calls, texts, and form submissions that come through your tracking numbers can be overwhelming. Real-time notifications, a main feature of our original integration, have returned so you can follow all inbound communications in real time. Every contact is logged in the Slack channel of your choice as it occurs, so your team can always keep an eye on new leads.

Additionally, you can now respond to text messages directly from Slack! The convenience is unbeatable, but keep in mind that anyone with access to the channel can respond.

CallRail’s Slack integration is available for the Essentials Plan and higher. For instructions on how to install or troubleshoot your integration, view our support document in the CallRail Help Center.

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