Intellibright drives value from first touch to final sale with CallRail and AgencyAnalytics

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For more than a decade, the Austin, Texas-based digital agency Intellibright has helped companies across the country excel at online marketing and sales. Their typical client runs a thriving business, but does not have the budget or staff to manage an internal digital marketing team — that’s where Intellibright comes in.

Intellibright is compensated according to their ‘pay-per-sale’ business model, so it’s critical that they’re able to track and attribute every single conversion. It’s also essential to collect and analyze data about which lead sources and campaigns are driving sales and generating the best ROI.

By leveraging their expertise with both CallRail and AgencyAnalytics, Intellibright can measure client and campaign performance at a glance, and deliver on all of the individual components that make up a successful campaign.

The transparency of a pay-per-sale model

“When you’re talking about lead generation, it can be really inefficient when marketing companies try to optimize for leads that don’t necessarily translate into sales,” explains Intellibright CEO Ron R. Browning.

To combat this issue, Intellibright offers clients a pay-per-sale model, where the agency assumes all of the costs for online marketing and clients pay a fixed rate or percentage of sales generates. In other words, Intellibright has no incentive to drive bad leads. Instead, the agency focuses on driving a lower volume of significantly higher-quality leads, which in turn results in a higher lead-to-conversion rate, and increased revenue per salesperson.

This approach also offers a number of benefits for clients: The ability to amortize sales costs, knowledge of the exact cost per sale they can expect, access to high-quality marketers who they don’t have to hire or manage directly, and a business model that sees Intellibright focusing only on the channels and tactics that are best at driving revenue. In many instances, Intellibright has beaten a client’s all-time historical sales within the first few months of a partnership.

Given their business model, it’s even more important for Intellibright to have tools that can trace the buyer’s journey from first touch all the way through to conversion. The agency had experimented with several solutions for internal and external reporting, before finally landing on a winner: Integrating CallRail with Agency Analytics.

The AgencyAnalytics platform has become an integral part of Intellibright’s high-level reporting, thanks to its ability to sync data from all of the key components of their tech stack (like CallRail). Having this data available via an easy-to-use dashboard allows senior management to easily review their progress, and ensure that their clients are getting the returns they deserve.

Optimizing client processes with CallRail and AgencyAnalytics

Since Intellibright has a vested interested in driving sales for their clients, they needed a way to determine which marketing tactics drive the qualified leads that turn into paying customers.

Phone calls in particular have always been difficult to analyze — historically, the way to determine if a call had value was by tracking the length of the call.  But Intellibright’s data revealed that brand terms in search keywords can drive a large number of calls which, when tracked properly, increases the conversion cost of a real lead. By leveraging the data they gather in CallRail, they are able to filter out bad leads and zero in on callers who choose ‘sales’ from a client’s phone menu, and are therefore much more likely to convert.

Intellibright also forms partnerships where clients grant access to their CRM data, which they then upload them into Google Ads to further power up their ROI calculations.

“We try to get insight into the CRM data for virtually all of our clients,” Browning says. “With this kind of sales data, we can go back and look at their marketing campaigns, and we can determine which keywords and ads are best at generating conversions.” 

But what if they encounter issues with organizational processes that prevent those leads from becoming customers? That’s where CallRail’s call routing and call recording features come into play. 

“For a lot of clients, we do their appointment-setting because they don’t have any people to properly manage inbound leads,” Browning says. “That’s been a huge win. We used to have clients that converted maybe 22 percent of their inbound calls.  With CallRail and our inbound lead team we’ve been able to increase that to as high as 83 percent of inbound opportunities.”

Call tracking features that fill in the gaps

Features like call recording can also uncover issues in other departments that negatively affect sales. 

“We had one client who had all these calls coming into the sales channel that were driving down the team’s productivity,” Browning adds. “It turns out it was because the other places weren’t answering the phones, and people were getting so frustrated that they were calling back in and trying to ask the sales people.”

“Number one, having information like that organizationally freed up sales people once it was fixed. Number two, it helped the customer service, it helped the reviews, it helped everything out.”

The CallRail-AgencyAnalytics integration also empowers Intellibright to create deep-dive reporting and dashboards that can be accessed both internally and by their clients. Call tracking can then be paired with SEO, PPC, reviews and web traffic data to give them a complete picture of campaign performance.

“Reporting with AgencyAnalytics improves client retention and helps us organizationally to have a centralized place where all of our data lives,” Browning says. “Instead of having to look in seven different services, we can go in to AgencyAnalytics to see how we’re performing. This helps us ensure that we’re delivering the best work to every client and allows us to provide updates in a clear and concise way.”

Successfully operating a pay-per-sale digital agency requires deep expertise coupled with excellent reporting. By combining CallRail and AgencyAnalytics, Intellibright does just that — and helps their clients succeed in the process.


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