The Key to a Pipeline of Potential Partners

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To achieve a pipeline of potential and thriving channel sales program, companies face numerous time-consuming endeavors that each present unique challenges. 

Channel managers must consistently onboard and train new partners, enable those partners, as well as create and distribute a steady stream of compelling l content to help them sell. Without strategic management of the partner program, companies may confront inconsistent brand messaging, as well as waste their time handling disorganization and unnecessary communication. All these make scalable growth near-impossible. 

One life hack for channel success is Partner Relationship Management (PRM). This simple software automates onboarding, training, and support to carry your organization to new heights of sales success.

What’s needed is a tool that brings the moving pieces of monitoring and developing a powerful channel program into a single application. Next-generation Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software does exactly this; it enables channel sales programs to keep their partnership pipelines filled with qualified candidates that are excited and enabled to maximize their sales opportunities.

PRM Helps You Balance Lead Management and Sales Prospecting

Balancing lead management with effective sales prospecting can be a challenge for a channel program of any size, and keeping your pipeline filled with qualified prospects is only half of the challenge. Adding a partner layer to the equation creates more complexity, as you’re tasked with keeping your partners’ pipelines full as well.

Allbound includes a number of features that help keep both of these pipelines humming while enabling effective stewardship of prospects from beginning to end.

Create co-branded content with ease. Loop in your existing marketing automation. Keep tabs on your leads without losing focus on your prospecting efforts. Make content distribution and prospecting simpler and more effective.

PRM enables the precise measurement of your channel program. Set benchmarks and compare your performance against other industry leaders to generate powerful motivators.

You and your partners can track leads and deals using our intuitive interface. You’ll get a comprehensive view of your sales process, gain valuable insights from our deep reporting system, and find it easy to keep tabs on all of your current pipeline prospects. Whether you and your partners need a broad view or you need to dig into the details, Allbound has you covered.

Empower Your Partners to Share Their Pipeline

Your partners are responsible for selling your products. But they can’t succeed if you don’t first empower them with the tools and content they need to do their jobs. Prior to PRM software, this process could be painfully time-consuming, and often ineffective. Allbound has automated much of the heavy lifting, allowing you to put your focus where it can do the most good.

Allbound automates the creation and deployment of effective playbooks so you can grant partners access to the deal-specific sales enablement material they need without the delay and labor of manual requests.

Channel partners can design their own personalized prospect pages. These private landing pages allow channel reps to communicate with individual prospects, as well as track the prospect’s engagement with supplied content.

Failing to empower your partners to extend their pipelines can result in inaccurate commissions and revenues. Who has time for that? It’s up to you to provide your partners with the tools to successfully market your products. That’s why it’s essential to enhance your partner practices and pipeline with your PRM tools.

Nurture Leads at All Stages of the Sales Cycle

While your customer relationship management (CRM) software may provide some visibility into the lead management process, your PRM tools should integrate with your CRM to provide a holistic view of the entire pipeline. Our PRM integrates all of your tools in one location. You can cross-pollinate your CRM with our PRM to create powerful synergies that make sales prospecting easier.

Partner relationship management tools create and deploy lead qualification and scoring systems. They implement lead nurturing efforts at all stages of the sales cycle and provide appropriate information to all managers and teams that need to track progress.

At each stage, your partners are given access to invaluable guidance, coaching, gamification, incentives, and training, all within the Allbound application.

It’s never too late to invest in your channel sales program. With Allbound, you’ll have access to the tools you need to develop a successful channel program and empower your partners to win. For a demo of the Allbound software package, give us a call, or click here.

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