Adequate Internal Support and Resources: a Key Component of Next-Generation PRM

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You wouldn’t tackle heaps of dirty laundry with a washing board and wringer anymore. You wouldn’t try to binge watch a TV show on dial-up. Are you still using outdated tools for Partner Relationship Management (PRM)? Old, disjointed processes just won’t cut it in today’s increasingly-complex B2B sales cycle. Next-generation, cloud-based PRM solutions can provide engaging and completely-synchronized tools you need to onboard, educate, and empower partners.

In this blog series, we’ll discuss the 5 key components of next-generation PRM. This one’s dedicated to adequate internal support and resources.

Is your front united?

Conquering today’s complex sales landscape requires a united front. Every single team member – from sales to marketing to partners – needs to be in the loop and equipped with the support and resources needed in order to maximize success. That’s easy to say, but a whole lot harder to achieve in real life. Everyone’s time-crunched, departments can be siloed, and resources scattered. To top it off, information doesn’t always freely flow through organizations the way it should. Adding partners to the mix adds an extra layer of complexity.

That’s where a PRM platform comes in. Next generation, digitally-focused tools get your departments all on the same page, while supporting your partners in finding success. PRM becomes that glue that pieces a fragmented organization together, filling in gaps and creating one, cohesive team. Here’s how you can ensure adequate support and resources are in place for everyone.

Say goodbye to internal silos

Just because you all have the same logo on your email signature doesn’t mean you’re always on the same page. Departments have a natural tendency to cluster and that creates space between them in which relevant information can be lost. A PRM can help by providing tools and technology you can align your departments around.

Communication can flow freely, halting the confusion, frustration and workflow clogs that are inevitable when it doesn’t. Resources have a one-stop shop: training materials, sales decks, and marketing messaging can be centralized and easily delivered to the right people at the right time. In short, PRM tools give you the ability to break down silos and fill in gaps, promoting unity and collaboration.

Give partners everything they need to succeed

It’s no secret that supporting partners is an absolute priority when it comes to creating a successful channel sales program, but it can be daunting to provide it consistently in the daily grind of business operations. That being said, it’s imperative that you have a finger on the pulse of your organization’s current capabilities and sources. Are you overseeing what’s going on with all partner relationships? Are you managing the unique development of each individual partner? Can you scale up and down as the current situation requires?

Tech-driven tools can make all of these things possible. At the very basic level, they can automate and create a home for onboarding, training and resource libraries. But ask yourself, are you able to share co-branded marketing content and provide playbooks that show partners the sweet spots to use each piece? Can partners create landing pages to help them track prospect progress? Can you review invaluable metrics that give you a true snapshot of the current state of your partner program? That’s where a PRM platform shines. Even better: it will never feel unwieldy or too tech-heavy even while delivering all this support and insight.

Don’t be daunted: A PRM tool can help

Organizations want to provide both employees and partners the support and resources they need to work toward goals. They want everyone to be informed and engaged. A lack of these things isn’t a matter of not caring. It’s a matter of not knowing where to start, fear of overhauling a system, and finding the time to keep new processes working on an ongoing basis.

With PRM, it’s simpler than you ever thought possible to consistently provide timely, useful support and resources to every last member of your team. Your front can be united – you just need the right tools to forge it together.

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