Lars Marketing streamlines client reporting with CallRail call tracking and form tracking

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For Lars Marketing, data is everything. The Seattle-based search marketing agency works with small and medium sized businesses in a diverse range of industries — from printing to automotive maintenance — but the one thing all of their clients have in common is that they rely on accurate data to inform their business decisions. 

In May of 2019, Lars Marketing began using CallRail as a hub to track all of their clients’ customer interactions. By combining CallRail’s call and form tracking features, they’re able to more easily and accurately report on cost per lead data for their clients. 

Streamlining measurement with form tracking

Prior to introducing CallRail, Lars Marketing found measuring campaign performance to be a convoluted process. Capturing limited customer data from form submissions required a complicated process of pulling submissions from their clients’ databases and sifting through it manually. 

“Before you had the form tracking, obviously we still tracked those form submits but sometimes it was hard to know the content of those form submits,” explained Lars Marketing Founder, Ryan Burt. “You fill out a form and the form gets sent to one of our salespersons or a marketing person and it typically goes into a database and we never see it, so if we wanted to try to understand the quality of those leads, then we’d have to get a data dump of all the form submits that happened over the last month.”

After introducing CallRail’s form tracking features, however, they could track both call and form submissions in the same place. Customer data is automatically populated from forms into their account, making it easier to glean valuable, actionable insights for their clients. 

Not only could they know with certainty which channels and campaigns drove the most submissions for their clients, but they could also dig into the content of the form submissions and score leads accordingly. In doing so, Lars Marketing can help clients optimize their marketing strategy more efficiently. 

“Your product makes it really easy to pass that data back into Google and know exactly which keywords or ads are driving leads,” said Burt. “So from that respect, it can help you know what’s working and what’s not. It just gives you that much more information to optimize on the campaign side.”

Reports made easy 

Reporting is an important part of any marketing agency’s service offerings. With CallRail, Lars Marketing lessens the amount of tools they toggle between to create reports. 

“Typically, at least for us, when we’re compiling our monthly reports or weekly (typically monthly), we’re compiling data from multiple sources,” said Burt. “So, by adding in the form tracking, then it’s one less source that I have to go to. I can get my calls data and my forms data in one place. It’s reducing the amount of time required to compile all of that data together, because there’s one less source to pull data from.” 

Additionally, CallRail’s easy integrations simplify the reporting process even further. 

“CallRail is easy to integrate with other systems, to pass data to Google and things like that,” stated Burt. “So, I’m pretty sure it would be more time consuming to use other products, because I’ve used a lot of other call tracking products. Things would take longer.”

Together with CallRail, Lars Marketing simplifies data collection and reporting to drive real results for their clients. To see how CallRail can help your business, sign up for a free trial today.

Corinne Cordasco contributed to this case study.


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